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50 Character Roster (Roster Rating Topic)

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3 years ago#31
I gave my rating too low. I originally gave it a "6", but I would prefer either "8" or "9". The thing that annoyed me is that I think the FE7 representative (Lyn) should have been Hector because a slower, more powerful FE character would make it less derogatory. I also didn't like the inclusion of toon link and lucas because I think they should be cut because they are very similar to link and ness respectively (or, at the least, toon link could be changed). But other than that it was good.
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3 years ago#32
I love this roster. My favorite one yet.
Made it into a picture, edit it into the op for ease on future viewers.
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3 years ago#33
to many characters.
only 40-45 movesets total. Not 55 or so that is listed. (zeld/shiek is two characters)

So, not realistic.
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3 years ago#34
Johnbobb posted...
I hate how everybody's "custom" rosters are just putting in characters that the board has already confirmed that it wants. Don't act like it's your own creation.

Um, what if someone wants the characters that are most wanted?
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