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Honestly If Namco gets a character rep I want Reiji Arisu!

#1kaliskonigPosted 7/2/2013 9:05:29 PM(edited)
-Arisu Reiji first premiered in the Namco Capcom Crossover, Namco x Capcom. A PS2 exclusive that saw sub-par sales and mixed criticism. He is often paired with his partner Xiaomu a Fox-Girl.

He Later appeared in the two spin-offs to NxC and SRW OG entitled "Endless Frontier" and the Sequel "Endless Frontier: Exceed." Both DS exclusives. These games wee the only in which Reiji is able to fight on his lonesome rather then forcefully being paired with Xiaomu.

His latest appearance is in the game "Project x Zone" which has been receiving positive reviews in the US but has received sub-par sells in Japan.

Every game Reiji has appeared in has been a Cross Over project. If he were to be in smash it would keep his record going. He has a very unique fighting style. If I had to make a comparison I'd say he is like a fusion of Dante and Virgil in terms of fighting style.

He Carries a weapon case that holds 3 swords of differing elements (originally only 2 blades.), and a one handed double barrel shot-gun. He also holsters two hand guns. This guy would have insane move set potential.

Legit reasons as to him being in-
+ 3/4 games have been Nintendo Exclusives
+ an Obscure character that has always been the silver linin amongst the fanbase of the NxC fan base
+ Insane move set potential
+ A Character who is exclusive to cross overs.
+ reasonable non Tales character Rep
#2wheresatariPosted 7/5/2013 11:16:17 AM
KOS-MOS gets my vote.
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#3SuperDavioPosted 7/5/2013 11:17:16 AM
As cool as Haken is, I'd be down with Reiji. Dunno how they'd deal with the gunds though.
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