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Bandai reps?

#11ThatKippPosted 7/8/2013 10:14:25 PM
Chaos_Neo posted...
wheresatari posted...
KOS-MOS, please.

i also heard rumors that nintendo bought monolith soft the company behind xenosaga or something like that i didnt know if it was true or not

Nintendo owns Monolithsoft but the old Monolithsoft games still belong to the old publishers.
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#12MargisamePosted 7/8/2013 10:15:28 PM
I forgot all about them!

I don't know any of their characters or games...
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#13majorgalaxyPosted 7/8/2013 10:16:51 PM

anyway whats the point of this topic

this board doesnt care if it isnt about fire emblem
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#14Moose_Of_WoePosted 7/8/2013 11:21:05 PM
Gwynevere from Dark Souls.

The game needs more female reps, right?
#15_Super_Shadow_Posted 7/8/2013 11:25:21 PM

im begging for a digimon rep even though I know its very unlikely.
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#16Dethgaze66Posted 7/8/2013 11:29:48 PM
Soul Calibur 2 nightmare would kick all kinds of ass
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