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Your reaction: Pacman is playable, but...

#1CelebityPosted 7/5/2013 11:07:56 PM
He constantly talks in his Ghostly Adventures voice.
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#2ecylisPosted 7/5/2013 11:11:36 PM
Just another reason for me to despise him even more.
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#3bisonyesyesPosted 7/5/2013 11:13:03 PM
Well, it's better than getting Lloyd Irving!
#4Doug314Posted 7/5/2013 11:14:31 PM
One of the worst possible additions.
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#5Holy_OblivionPosted 7/5/2013 11:18:11 PM


I kinda like it.....
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#6MrSpacelySlatePosted 7/5/2013 11:21:54 PM
Meh, I can tolerate it.

Him being playable at all outweights whatever bad stuff he brings along.
#7ItsKaljinyuTimePosted 7/5/2013 11:22:37 PM
Wow, Pac-Man sounds a lot younger than I thought he'd be. He's like a hip young action-packed boys 8-13 Saturday morning cartoon star.
#8Totes-My-BoatsPosted 7/5/2013 11:35:08 PM
Mute the game whenever he's on screen of course.
#9pikmintaroPosted 7/6/2013 1:27:58 AM
I desperately want Pacman to be playable, and I would be fine with his appearance if he looked like that...

However I agree that voice is absolutely horrible for him, I thought he was PacMAN!!!!! still I could live with it if it meant he was playable but it would be a constant annoyance.
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#10gwogwogwoPosted 7/6/2013 1:32:55 AM
I hope they go for his "Pac-Man World" design if he is playable, but he would be similar to Sonic just as Wolf is similar to Fox.
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