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Rate my roster

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3 years ago#11
NicoRobin007 posted...
Soulstiger posted...
NicoRobin007 posted...
Realistic+duck hunt dog=contradiction.

Not to mention he adds two ice climber type characters and they are King K. Rool/Dixe Kong and Mewtwo/Zoroark. Those characters would never be paired up like that... ;)

Was he pairing them up? I thought he was just showing them as representing two new characters in the same series. If you're pairing them up, that's really awful lol. Also, Zoroark won't even get in because he's a 5th gen. It'll either be Mewtwo or a sixth gen. And Dixie OR King K. Rool. Not both....especially not as partners.

I think it was more of a, "I can't decide and/or I don't want to offend anyone, so I won't make a decision about my own roster." Kind of thing, I was just making a joke. Thus, the winky face. :D -HeroSandwichlol
3 years ago#12
Sorry it was "or" instead of "/". I didn't pair them up
3 years ago#13
NicoRobin007 posted...
rodygb posted...
If we assume that the leak is true then is Mii instead of the dog :( I put him because I love that stupid dog

That's fine, but don't label it as "realistic" if it's just a list of fan wishes. Kinda self defeating, you know?

Well... I meant realistic about the number of characters, I don't really think there will be more than 45 characters
3 years ago#14
rodygb posted...
Sorry it was "or" instead of "/". I didn't pair them up

My bad. Makes sense for the most part then. Duck Hunt Dog is really the only weird thing. Isaac/Shulk/Zoroark are unlikely, but rest is good in terms of realism.

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