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My Updated Character Roster (IMAGE INCLUDED)

#11LittlejefferyPosted 7/13/2013 2:44:42 PM
-64/10 for not having Waluigi.
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#12Punkachu98Posted 7/13/2013 3:01:48 PM
I hate awakened mewtwo. Alt costume, fine. Gen 6 can take a hike.

Repeat this msg if you are a hardcore pkmn fan!
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#13User728(Topic Creator)Posted 7/13/2013 3:24:44 PM
I have Isaac...forgot to list him.
#14HejiruPosted 7/13/2013 4:30:06 PM
So did you just randomly pick the worst results on Googles Images or what?
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#15KingKFoolPosted 7/13/2013 4:32:02 PM
That Diddy.
#16SushiCake3644Posted 7/13/2013 8:20:42 PM
10/10 for not having Waluigi and putting in Toad. Toad deserves a spot WAY MORE than Luigi.