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Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS Roster/Stage Plans Leaked!!!!

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3 years ago#1
Yesterday night, 11:43 AM Pacific Time, I received an e-mail from a buddy of mine, Camden Rearden. It says:
"Hey bro! GREAT NEWS! I found this roster leak, well my dad found it, yet I want to tell you it. It is the roster and some stages from the next Smash Bros. game!!!! I even have pictures! Well, I will tell you the roster that was unannounced so far:
-Captain Falcon
-Diddy/Dixie Kong
-King K. Rool
-Ice Climbers
-Plusle and Minun
-Meta Knight
-King Dedede
-Mr. Game and Watch
-Little Mac
-Pokemon Trainer (Gen 6)
-Pac Man
-Zero Suit Samus
-Banjo and Kazooie (working on a deal, no guarentee yet)
-Zero (Finishing up creation)
-Prince Fluff

Oh the stages btw for Wii U are:
-Mario Circuit (From Mario Kart 8)
-A new Pikmin 3 one (nameless)

3DS stages:
-Final Battleground (Kid Icarus: Uprising)
-Wuhu Loop (Mario Kart 7)
-Some Bit Trip Saga Stage?

Well that's all I know. Here are links:
Prince Fluff in battle:
E3 2014 Trailer pics:
Little Mac:

The trailer summary:
The boxing ring again, this time,
Mega Man vs Samus,
then Little Mac enters the ring, KOing Samus, causing Mega Man to run. Little Mac is shown a bit more. They then show the Fire Emblem Stage where Chrom slices Fox in the arm. They show Chrom battle Fox to show his moveset. You see a black out, then Chrom vs Little Mac at the Boxing Ring, when during battle, when Chrom is near death, Mewtwo appears, and uses psyball to blast them, causing the arena to explode and the trailer to end."

And this is a friend who also leaked to me that Sonic, Pit, and Ice Climbers were in Brawl, before the trailer! This guy is legit!!!!
3 years ago#2
Charizard for SSBU
3 years ago#3
Someone has too much time on their hands.
I'm going to marry Taylor Swift one day <3
3 years ago#4
Lol seems fake, but this would confirm Sal Romano saying Little Mac, Mii, and Pac Man, that's the only thing making me believe this... and the pics.
I'd die of joy if this happened:
3 years ago#5
Thajra messed it up completely
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Chrom, Dixie, Sonic, SSB 6/13/13
3 years ago#6
KingIceSonic posted...
Thajra messed it up completely

I lol'd.
I'd die of joy if this happened:
3 years ago#7
Zero milligrams so legit
You think I'm stupid for liking Nintendo? You're the one who thinks that "just for little kids" starts with an E.
3 years ago#8
If the game wasnt so little into development, I might be inclined to believe this.

That, and the quotes used for Chrom and Little Mac
I still think Pac-Man was the best game and had the best storyline... EVER!!! 'nuff said.
3 years ago#9
NinjaNomad196 posted...
Lol seems fake

There's no seems about it. It's fake. Unless somebody believes Nintendo and Sakurai are going to use already available (and visually inconsistent) stock art and models for their character introductions.
3 years ago#10
l33t_iRk3n_Rm33 posted...
Zero milligrams so legit

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