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Brawl used the main theme too many times.

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User Info: Rupin_Salesman

3 years ago#1
It got really damn annoying.
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- Francis, Super Paper Mario

User Info: LordRogerSmith

3 years ago#2
Really? I hadn't noticed.

User Info: KlRBEH

3 years ago#3
I think you mean it was awesome

User Info: ImGanondorfLol

3 years ago#4
Both Twilight Princess and Brawl annoyed me in that regard.. It would have helped if Brawl's theme was as good as Melee's at least. (I'm not a melee lover fanatic I just thought it had a better theme)

User Info: ProfessorFay

3 years ago#5
I didn't mind it. Maybe it's because I like the main theme.
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User Info: TerrorriskX

3 years ago#6
I didn't mind it, it changed up with every variation of it that I enjoyed it well. I would had never expected the theme to be that versatile. However, if we do get a split (Competitive / Ranked) (Private) (Casual / Ranked) online experience, I can see a remix of the Melee theme for competitive, Brawl remix for private and SSB4 theme remix for casual this time around.
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User Info: ecylis

3 years ago#7
I didn't like the main theme, and it was all over the game. It sucked. Melee's is way better.

User Info: Hon_Caterpie

3 years ago#8
I used to like the theme but it really did start to annoy me with how all over the place it was... >.<
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User Info: Doug314

3 years ago#9
I don't like that kind of music. So of course I didn't like it that much. And it was in too many places. Although once you unlock all the music and change the chances of each song coming up, it's rarely a big deal.
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User Info: EvosthunderMkII

3 years ago#10
-Main theme
-Menu 1
-Final Destination
-Sticker Album/Chronicle/Album
-Trophy Room
-Online Practice Stage
-Stage Builder
-New and improved, baby.
-Deviant. Poster. N****. Gamer.
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  3. Brawl used the main theme too many times.

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