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Make a Melee-style Adventure Mode stage for each franchise.

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3 years ago#1
Make them as basic or as elaborate as you want. I'm just gonna put down some really elementary descriptions for each of the confirmed franchises here to kick off discussion.

-The SMB stage would be a basic platformer: pretty solid ground, some floating platforms, and occasional bottomless pits.

-The Legend of Zelda stage would be mildly nonlinear and puzzle-oriented: doors that block your way would be opened with switches, with carried keys, or simply just by wiping out all monsters in the room.

-The Donkey Kong stage would be a somewhat more intense platformer than the SMB stage, with more bottomless pits and barrel puzzles, but otherwise also very linear.

-The Kid Icarus stage would be a mostly-vertical scroller. The lower blast line follows you up, but doesn't go back down if you try to descend. There would be a larger concentration of enemies in this one.

-The Kirby stage would be an extremely basic platformer with more emphasis on large waves of enemies and damaging stage elements.

-The Metroid stage would be large and very nonlinear, much like the tLoZ stage in Melee's Adventure Mode.

-The StarFox stage would be an intense platformer that involves jumping from moving Arwing to moving Arwing over a large, bottomless pit while avoiding fire from enemy aircraft.

-The Pokemon stage would be a gauntlet-style level, where you have to fight one tough opponent after another with minimal platforming.

-The Animal Crossing stage would be a simple, peaceful stroll through a calm village. There's lots of stuff that you can destroy, but you'll be penalized in some way if you break things.

-The Mega Man stage would be a super-intense platformer, with a high enemy density and lots of damaging stage elements.

-The Pikmin stage would be collection-oriented, requiring the player to find a bunch of items on a wide-open map and bring them to the starting point to end the level.
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