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Master Chief Moveset!

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3 years ago#1
Master Chief

Normal Attacks
AAA - Shoots forward three times
A Side - Shoots forward one time
A Up - Shoots up one time
A Down - Kneels down and shoots forward one time
Dash Attack - Evade - Rolls forward

Aerial Attacks
A - Kneels down and shoots forward one time
A forward - Shoots forward one time
A backward - Turns around and shoots backward one time
A up - Shoots up one time
A down - Slams the gravity hammer bouncing him in the air Meteor Smash

B: Melee Attack - Swings forward his arm hitting the opponent in the head
Charged - Assassination - Gets out a energy sword grabs them then stabs the opponent in the back making them stunned.
In the air he jumps on their back grabbing them then stabs the opponent in the back.

Side: Grenade - Holds a grenade in his hands you can choose to throw it. You must wait a few seconds then it blows up.
Frag Grenade - Throws a frag grenade.
Plasma Grenade - Throws a plasma grenade. It sticks to whatever it contacts.
Firebomb Grenade - Throws a Firebomb grenade. It surrounds whatever it contacts in a flame of fire.
Pulse Grenade - Throws a pulse grenade. It makes a spherical area of effect whatever it contacts.

Up: Jetpack - flys in the air with a jet pack hold it longer to fly higher. You can still shoot when you use the jetpack.

Down: Armor Ability - must recharge to use again
Armor Lock - prevents him from taking damage for a short time projectiles bounce back at the opponent
Thruster Pack - Dashes forward or backward flying using a thruster pack
Hologram - sends out a hologram has to be shot three times to go down or it goes down in a few seconds
Bubble Shield - deploys a bubble shield on the ground protects him from projectiles

Up: Spartan Laser - Charges first then shoots a powerful laser up diagonaly. Sends the opponent flying
Side: Rocket Launcher - Shoots out a rocket forward. Sends the opponent flying
Down: Railgun - Shoots out a powerful burst on the ground. Sends the opponent flying

Up: Shoots his gun in the air
Side: Salutes
Down: A hologram of Cortana appears doing a pose

Grabs & Throws
Grabs: With one hand
Pummel: Smacks them with the back of the gun
Forward Throw: Shoots them one time forward
Back Throw: Throws them backward while shooting them one time backward
Up Throw: Throws them up while shooting them one time up
Down Throw: Slams them on the ground then shoots them in the head one time down

Final Smash: Sniper Rifle - goes in the background of the screen lays on the ground then zooms in the screen with a sniper rifle.
A scope appears then aims at the opponents. If he hits them they die in two shots. One shot if they hit their heads.
When you shoot them in the head the announcer says head shot.

His special trait is that he can change his weapons, grenade, and armor abilites.
Shows the weapon, grenade, and armor ability icon around his health
Press Z+B to change armor abilites
Press Z+A to change grenades
Press Z+any taunt direction to weapon change
You can teabag by pressing down
When you get multiple kills the announcer says
double kill
triple kill
over kill
You can hold a so the gun can be held then you can walk forward or backward and shoot

Weapon Change - he can change to four weapons. They all have different ranges and damage.
right=Magnum - Starts out with the magnum gun. Has a small range. Small damage
left=Shotgun - Has small range. Sends the opponent flying. High damage
up=DMR - Has a long range. Medium damage
down=Assault Rifle - Has a medium range. Shoots five times. Small damage

What do you think?
3 years ago#2
Needs moar blood

Nah, but seriously that's not a bad moveset at all
Master Chief would be a good Snake replacement :D My husbando <3
QWILFISH for Smash 4! Also waiting on Qwilfish's Megalution, QWILSHARK!
3 years ago#3
Xbox all-stars battle royale.

Make it happen.
3 years ago#4
Have you seen Nicole-458 in Dead or Alive 4? That could help with some variety for moves.
That, and she had awesome grab animations.
Arthur is the new Leroy Jenkins. - PKStarSaber
Ness was about that life. - shroom_ninja_X
3 years ago#5
3 years ago#6
lolspex posted...
Xbox all-stars battle royale.

Make it happen.

xD I made a roster for it about a month ago. Except I called it "Xbox Demolishion".
I'd die of joy if these people were in Smash:
Prince Fluff, Kid Niki, Urban Champion, Sylux, BomberMan, El Fuerte, Beat, Little Mac, and Cordelia.
3 years ago#7
ZeroGravity38 posted...

BTW how did you come up will ALL of those moves for Master Chief? I would never pull that off.
I'd die of joy if these people were in Smash:
Prince Fluff, Kid Niki, Urban Champion, Sylux, BomberMan, El Fuerte, Beat, Little Mac, and Cordelia.

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