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3 years ago#1
it was just a rumor,plus sakurai might saw it and changed plans,anyway,what is the pic of the day? this explosion
Little Mac for ssb4
also this guy is a troll
3 years ago#2
It confirms Golem playable. They are well known for their explosions
Official Landorus
3 years ago#3
And what's inside the explosion? Zero Suit Samus.
If you know what I mean...
3 years ago#4
Reset bomb.
Pichu and such.
3 years ago#5
i dont think that means zero suit samus,but im curious if it means adventure mode or something
Little Mac for ssb4
also this guy is a troll
3 years ago#6
No, it's another picture of the KI:U stage.
Pichu and such.
3 years ago#7
It was as fake as the old Pacman and Little Mac rumor.
Sensei of the great art of Trolling

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