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Your Reaction: This is the final roster

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3 years ago#1
Check my signature
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3 years ago#2
9.9/10. Add Bomberman and you get a full 10.
hurr durr
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3 years ago#3
-aborted fetus mewtwo
-dixie dong

I hate this so much
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3 years ago#4
TheAquaman803 posted...
-aborted fetus mewtwo
-dixie dong

I hate this so much

I love you too
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3 years ago#5
Don't see why Toon Link and Snake are still there
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3 years ago#6
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3 years ago#7
I give it a 7.5

The main saving graces is Ridley and you didn't take out any SF characters. Takamaru is decent, and Little Mac is alright to.

The problems:
-No Ike. Again, FE can have three characters. Brawl was supposed to. Chrom wouldn't be a clone of Ike.

-MegaMewtwo. First of all, not only does it not really make sense because it's a Mega Form which would most likely be a FS, but it looks so much lamer than first form Mewtwo which would also make it harder on the developers because they could just use Mewtwo from Melee and tweak him. However I have a feeling you made that before MegaStones were confirmed, so I can't be too mad about that.

-The rest of the newcomers are awful. And no Lucario, but Meowth? Tsktsktsk. Fine, fine Palutena isn't awful just overrated beyond belief.

Otherwise, I'd be OK with this. I wouldn't be blown away, but I'd at least get one character I really wanted like Melee and Brawl (Ridley in this case).
3 years ago#8
Aborted fetus Mewtwo? Giegue's in Smash, I love you so much!
Jericho is #1!
3 years ago#9

Take away:
-RIDLEY (already officially deconfirmed)
-Toad (Highly unlikely [He's already a part of
Peach's moveset])

You're lacking some vital characters my friend.
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3 years ago#10
Gamespoht posted...
Don't see Toon Link and Snake are still there

Well Kojima and Sakurai are still friends, Snake wasn't in PSASBR, and after Waiting until Brawls development to put him in, I just don't see Sakurai saying "Sorry, but we've decided to take him out."

Toon Link, I can see where you're coming from, but I stick with my oppinion.
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