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Who do you realistically think the Fire Emblem reps will be?

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User Info: energyman2289

3 years ago#1
I think it will either be Marth and Chrom, or Marth, Ike and Chrom. What do you think? (be realistic please, no Owain s***)
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User Info: 1iq

3 years ago#2
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User Info: MuscleMarch

3 years ago#3
I doubt clones will go away so I would think Marth with lucina as a clone... and Ike with Chrome as a clone.
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User Info: GeneralPengu

3 years ago#4
Marth, Ike, Chrom/Lucina tag team.

Even tho I want Robin and Frederick, this is probably all we will get.
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User Info: SmallerRidley

3 years ago#5
Ilyana, Finn, and Dorcas.
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User Info: Simmedon

3 years ago#6
Marth, Ike, Chrom (mix of the first two) will be playable. Avatar/Robin/MU will be an assist trophy.
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User Info: OOOPutotrya

3 years ago#7
Personally I think the Awakening Rep should be Robin (Avatar) it would be a different turn than the lord character as he/she is still the real main character of the game. Then I would like to see a GBA era rep for FE and I would be fine with Ike being replaced even though he was one of my mains. So to replace Ike I think it should be Hector or Ephraim as they were different lord characters of the time and I would like to see other weapons other than swords be represented for FE since the franchise has a wide arrangement of different weapons and classes.
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User Info: Zero2570

3 years ago#8
Marth, Ike, and then sakurai goes for the unexpected, lyn.

all 3 have awesome movesets and are iconic.

Easy question.

User Info: Hughs_Rage

3 years ago#9
Marth and Chrom or Avatar, MAYBE Ike

Awakening is almost guaranteed to get a character, considering it's the most recent and the best selling one that saved the franchise from being scrapped. My husbando <3
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User Info: Cell Junior

Cell Junior
3 years ago#10
I think Roy has a good shot at returning since he was planned for Brawl and is incredibly popular in Japan. >_>

Other than that I say Marth in his FE13 design, and Ike re-designed to look like Chrom.
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  3. Who do you realistically think the Fire Emblem reps will be?

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