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What do Mario's parents look like?

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3 years ago#1
I'm curious. I bet his parents are really sexy.
...Just like a prostitute.
3 years ago#2
Probably extremely successful looking individuals who wished that their son had a better job, and didn't drop out of his career choice in college/university to take a plumbing course.
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3 years ago#3
Pichu and such.
Nanocarp and such.
3 years ago#4
Mario's father, also named Mario Mario, is the original owner of the family business, Mario Bros. Plumbing. He named his second son after his late, great business partner, Luigi Gonzales. He looks like Talon from Zelda.

Mario's mother is named Pauline. She is somewhat graying, but would be considered by many to be a rather attractive lady, despite her age. She wears reds and pinks, and her good looks are due in no small part to gratuitously but carefully applied makeup.

And Mario's Godfather is none other than Cranky Kong. After some bad blood between them, Mario Sr. and Kong resolved their differences and became rather close friends, to the point that Mario Sr. chose Cranky, then known by his middle name of Donkey, to be his firstborn's godfather.

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3 years ago#5
At the end of Yoshi's island, we can see their lower legs and hands. For all we know, they could be disembodied legs and hands.
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3 years ago#6
Miyamoto and a Pencil
3 years ago#7
I always thought Jumpman and Pauline were his father, just like how Cranky Kong(original dk) and Wrinkly Kong are the parents of Donkey Kong.
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3 years ago#8
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3 years ago#9
For clarification (I think the post I'm refering to is post #7), Cranky is DK's grandfather, not father. However, the idea that Jumpman and Pauline are Mario & Luigi's parents makes too much sense.
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3 years ago#10
It's also confirmed that Cranky Kong was the original DK in the first games. And that DK Jr. was current Day Donkey Kong.
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