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Super Smash Bros Mafia: Day/Night Phase 1

#11Rasumii(Topic Creator)Posted 9/14/2013 10:26:45 AM
If you need to refresh your memory on what your role does, either look at the thread or PM me!
#12ChaosbladeEXPosted 9/14/2013 10:37:26 AM
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#13LeaisaxelPosted 9/14/2013 10:48:12 AM
Ness in Smash Brodunnit. Porky in Super Smash of Despair "I am...H...A...P...P...Y..."
#14USERGameBoyBluePosted 9/14/2013 10:48:43 AM
Either GeneralPengu is Tingle, or he wants us to think he is. :)
#15GeneralPenguPosted 9/14/2013 10:50:01 AM
USERGameBoyBlue posted...
Either GeneralPengu is Tingle, or he wants us to think he is. :)

Oh no, I have been caught!
Pit in Survivor. Pac Man in Big Brother. Koopa the Quick in Whodunnit
#16USERGameBoyBluePosted 9/14/2013 10:58:39 AM(edited)
Keep in mind there is a Tingle among us. GeneralPengu or not.
#17NoWayStahpPosted 9/14/2013 11:15:12 AM
Hello everyone! It's all nice that this is going on. I hope everyone lives long! *Smirk*
#18Rasumii(Topic Creator)Posted 9/14/2013 11:54:02 AM
#19newxo5678Posted 9/14/2013 12:06:25 PM
hello sorry I am late
if i had a pet from any game ever it would be a shadow from kingdom hearts also
#20Rasumii(Topic Creator)Posted 9/14/2013 12:07:33 PM
You guys discuss who to vote and also vote inside the thread. Just wanted to be clear on that.