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My Character Roster! Yay! (Warning: Long Post)

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3 years ago#1
hey there ya'll -- okay so i'm going to post my roster of characters with reasoning behind any cuts and newcomers listed under the choices, along with some popular favorites that i chose not to include with reasoning, here goes:


-- SSB: 12 characters
-- SSBM: 25 characters (0 previously cut, 13 added)
-- SSBB: 35 characters (5 previously cut, 15 added)
-- SSBWU/3DS: 45 characters (5 previously cut, 15 added)


• Mario
• Luigi
• Peach
• Bowser

• Donkey Kong
• Diddy Kong
• Dixie Kong
• King K. Rool

• Link
• Zelda/Sheik
• Ganondorf

• Samus/Zero Suit Samus

• Yoshi
• Birdo

• King Dedede
• Kirby
• Meta Knight

• Fox
• Falco
• Krystal

• Pikachu
• Jigglypuff
• Pokιmon Trainer
• Mewtwo

• Wario

• Captain Falcon

• Marth/Lucina
• Chrom

• Ness

• Olimar

• Ice Climbers

• Pit
• Palutena

• Little Mac

• Villager

• Shulk

• Wii Fit Trainer
• Mii

• Mr. Game & Watch
• R.O.B.
• Takamaru

• Sonic
• Snake
• Mega Man
• Pac-Man


Dixie Kong: the new DK game has a huge focus on her, and she's on the front cover of the game, so it'd be fun to play as her if they were looking to add another character who's been prominent in the series

King K Rool: personal favorite -- if you were to choose ONE villain of the DK series, he's the only one who would even come to mind as a recurring character (i think hes been in at least 5 games as the main boss in different forms) plus it would be nice to have another slow character, assuming Nintendo hasnt completely given up on Kremlings

Birdo: i think the eggs would be friggen cool. but this character is admittedly a reach.

Krystal: been in a few of the starfox games and could actually be the first (only?) SF rep added where the moveset wouldnt seem like a clone of fox (purely based on things she's done in SF: adventures)

Mewtwo: he seems to be a HUGE focus for pokemon right now, given that he is the only character thus far to have TWO mega-evolutions and also be the main character in the new movie. Plus he's already been in a prior game.

Chrom: i think this one is a given -- the most recent main-lord always makes it in

Marth/Lucina: i'm torn on this one -- Marth is the "first lord" and always makes it in, as he should. But being the best selling FE game - TONS of people know about lucina, and know that she dressed as marth, and it all just fits in too perfectly. I don't think they can both be in, and based on her presence in FE:A it's hard to not imagine her in. hmm.

Palutena: sakurai did kid-icarus uprising, where you literally see Palutena fight other characters and use a variety of moves. She'd be a fun new addition as well as being in all of the previous KI games.

Little Mac: punch-out stage is already "shown" - he'd be the only real rep from that.

Shulk: i know nothing about xenoblade, but nintendo seems to be pushing the game (streetpass puzzle) and i think he's a main character?

Mii: i feel like mii's are all but confirmed at this point with the pilotwings stage.

Takamaru: if they feel like adding a classic character (like they do with each one in the series thus far) he's gotten a recent push with Nintendoland

Pac-Man: most well-known Namco rep
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3 years ago#2

Toon Link: NPC in the spirit tracks stage

Wolf: clone-y fox/falco (i know eveyrone argues this, i'm basing it off specials and final smash)

Lucario: Flavor of the week -- i think they'll change to mewtwo for more current popular representation -- or a possible X/Y gen popular pokemon.

Ike: same with lucario -- no longer most recent Lord, will probly be replaced with Chrom who ALSO has the move "Aether" in FE:A

Lucas: my favorite character :( but also a clone of Ness
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3 years ago#3
I love this roster!
I support my favorite Nintendo Starlets: Pauline, Palutena, Anna, Captain Syrup, and also Bayonetta for Smash Bros Wii U/3ds.
3 years ago#4

Daisy & Waluigi: Both are as popular as each other, they're mainly sports/party additions and personally, i'd love to have them in - but realistically it's hard to have one without the other, and having both might be Mario-overkill

Bowser Jr.: also mario overkill, but been in a ton of games at this point :/

Toad/Ridley: pretty much deconfirmed at this point (more or less) via those 4 am snapshot things that get posted


Ganondorf: new moveset to de-clone him

Pokemon Trainer: maybe pokemon gen5 starters instead? that way adding mewtwo wouldnt feel like you're ignoring the new Generation of pokemon?
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3 years ago#5
oops i meant "Gen6 starters" -- whatever X&Y are haha
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Nintendo Network ID: KBAS1986
3 years ago#6
Only questionable things that I saw (at least, in my opinion) would be Lucas being removed (quite a few of his A moves are different from the A moves that Ness has, and as far as his B moves go, they may be similar to what Ness has, but they're more original than, say, Toon Link compared to Link) and Birdo being added (I just don't think she's a major enough character to get represented).

Aside from that, though, I'd say it's a great roster! - One Piece: Grand Line Bout (fangame covering the series prior to the timeskip)
3 years ago#7
Lucario by far isn't flavor of the month, there is a reason Gamefreak brought it back to Mascot status when its succesor failed(Zoroark). Also both him & Mewtwo were planned for Brawl & both are even the 2 most promoted Mega Evolutions for X & Y, plus Lucario was used to promote BW2 last year
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3 years ago#8
I don't see Donkey Kong getting both Dixie and King K Rool, and I don't think Birdo will be added, but who knows?
- Fire Emblem: Awakening
3 years ago#9
Birdo isn't a Yoshi character
Clefairy is best Pokemon and should be an alt costume for Jiggs
3 years ago#10
2 things:

1) Why aren't the Ice Climbers "classic Nintendo"?

2) Birdo hasn't ever been in a Yoshi game, he would be a Mario character.
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