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Your Reaction: Donkey Kong only gets 2 reps!

#1ZeroGravity38Posted 9/25/2013 9:27:52 AM
Dixie Kong and King K. Rool don't get in
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#2yrag324Posted 9/25/2013 9:29:38 AM
Okay. Doesn't bother me.
#3BlulightningPosted 9/25/2013 9:30:34 AM
I'd be pretty happy with that.

I don't really like Donkey Kong Country characters. They are all very lame.
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#4CanyouGuessPosted 9/25/2013 9:30:58 AM
Wish they'd drop Diddy for K. Rool. That little runt can go to hell for all I care.
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#5aliashubbatchPosted 9/25/2013 9:35:50 AM
I'd rather have Diddy be paired with Dixie, swapping them with down B (getting rid of those cheap azz nanners), and K. Rool also be playable if his VA is the guy who voiced him in the show.
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#6KingofAwesome69Posted 9/25/2013 9:37:19 AM
Looks like Sakurai is one of those Rare-hating arcade era c**nts who lurk these boards.
#7PryexelPosted 9/25/2013 9:56:41 AM
I won't mind if Donkey Kong only gets 2 reps.

But if it did get one more rep, then I bet it would be Dixie Kong.
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#8Chzrm3Posted 9/25/2013 9:58:00 AM
If Smash 4 gets more DK reps, I'll achieve Nirvana and never want anything again.
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