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Your Reaction : Mewtwo is unveiled...

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3 years ago#11
Kcthanagarathos posted...
_Mewtwo_Shadow_ posted...


Same here. Let's do it, Sakurai.
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3 years ago#12
Selite posted...
Pokemanzzz posted...
We still have some veterans from Brawl that are due to return, and there need to be a bit more newcomers like Chrom, Little Mac, Ridley, etc...

Ridley's too big.

Oh, Selite
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3 years ago#13
I would be fine with it if Mewtwo was the last reveal. That way we get a bunch of returning veterans and newcomers along with Mewtwo. Everyone win.s -- My band
3 years ago#14

Replace Blastoise with Mewtwo :]
3 years ago#15
I would love to see captain falco, ganondorf, ice climbers and jigglypuff back in also if snake and falco were in it be cool too but ice climbers is a must >:3
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3 years ago#16
No thanks. If he was the last reveal, sure. Only surprises to come. But if it just ends there? Even if every character returned from Brawl and Melee, no thanks. I'm gonna need a little more change/addition than that.
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