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Its almost Halloween Jack Skellington should be announced

#1MuscleMarchPosted 10/28/2013 12:50:05 AM
He can reprseent kingdom hearts and he had his own game here and there on nintendo systems. makes cents right?
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#2X_ULTIMA_XPosted 10/28/2013 1:22:35 AM
yeah makes cents, the idea practically prints money
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#3InjusticeGodsPosted 10/30/2013 5:37:11 PM
Let's revive this topic for the sake of WHY
#4anonmanPosted 10/30/2013 5:55:37 PM
beats having Sora
#5BigRoosterPosted 10/30/2013 5:55:46 PM
Question 42: Should Jack Skellington be announced on Halloween?
A: No
B: No
C: Wait until Christmas!
D: No
E: No

The clock's ticking, kids...if you don't know the answer then just move on to the next question!
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