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Gaston for Smash Bros. 4!

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3 years ago#1
No one builds hype like Gaston!
3 years ago#2
No one eats like Gaston!
3 years ago#3
3 years ago#4
No one's quick as Gaston, no one's slick as Gaston. Thus Gaston would be too OP.
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3 years ago#5
I'd take Gaston over Pac-Man.

For every to there is a fro, and that's what makes the world go round. :3
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3 years ago#6
No one has a swell cleft in their chin like Gaston
3 years ago#7
Gaston is too big.

He eats five dozen eggs so he can be the size of a barge. :/
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3 years ago#8
Will some of his attacks include eggs?
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3 years ago#9
No one gets used as YTP material like Gaston.
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3 years ago#10
More beer
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