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Olimar theory (why he only has three pikmin)

#1AIien803Posted 10/31/2013 12:43:20 AM
So far, we've only seen screenshots of Olimar and three pikmin.

Sakurai has also said he had problems with the 3DS version and multiple character types like the Ice Climbers.

We've also only seen one screenshot of Olimar on the 3DS version ever, and never seen his pikmin on the handheld.

I think the team is trying to make it so Olimar can have all six of his Pikmin onscreen at once without it working bad on the 3DS version. But they don't know if they can, so to limit potential dissapointment and showing off things that might not be possible in the future game, they decided it was best to just show three pikmin at a time right now, as that's what they'd have to limit Olimar to if they can't fix the 3DS problems with Olimar.
#2TheAquaman803Posted 11/5/2013 9:08:18 PM
i knew it
803 is the best number.
#3GhastsPosted 11/5/2013 9:14:05 PM
Is this theory wrong?
Pichu and such.
Nanocarp and such.