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Okay, let's try this roster out..

#11The_Undying_84Posted 12/20/2013 9:38:08 PM
archieman1992 posted...
Then to keep it on topic please state why you dislike it. Doesn't matter to me of they're the same as everyone else that has posted so far of still like to know :)

And I see the point made about third party never having 2 reps..but there's no where stated that that can't happen. Stranger things have definitely happened.

Okay, I don't like Snake being cut and your reasoning is silly. We already has his unique moveset so we don't need it any more? They'd be throwing away Brawl's work by doing that. Same with the ROB cut. I think Krystal is a silly and remarkably unlikely character, and Starfox doesn't need any more anyways. Toon Zelda and Tetra are unlikely and less interesting than almost any other Zelda character. Highly likely K. Rool or Dixie gets in, and both would be awesome. No Ridley is no good. Takamaru is silly, trying to predict retro characters is inherently silly I think and 99% of people have no idea who he is.

As for Tails/2 rep third parties: I would love it if it were basically any Megaman or MGS character, not as much for Sonic but it would still be cool (though I don't like Tails). I just find it extremely unlikely.
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#12archieman1992(Topic Creator)Posted 12/21/2013 10:38:48 AM
bump ('n' grind)
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#13Seb_RamorayPosted 12/21/2013 11:27:43 AM
Don't see Lucas.
Don't see Snake
Don't see R.O.B.
Don't see Dixie/K.Rool
See Krystal
See Tails


1/10, you could make this better. It is horrible.
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#14NightinanglePosted 12/21/2013 11:51:24 AM
ZeroGravity38 posted...
+Little Mac
-No New DK Rep
-Cutting Lucas, R.O.B

I will be extremely unpleasantly surprised if Chrom doesn't make it in.
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