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What are your top 3 most wanted characters?

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User Info: WTFNightmare

3 years ago#1
The three characters I would get hype for are

1. Ghirahim (Skyward sword)
2. Lloyd Irving (Tales of symphonia)
3. Shadow the hedgehog (Sonic)

What about you guys?
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User Info: Eyemeralds

3 years ago#2


I really want a trio of oldies (G&W, ROB, and Diskun)
I think Mewtwo would make for a fun gimmick fight
Pac-Man because, well.. I want to see how they implement a classic star older than anyone.
(Plus, we'd get what Street Fighter x Tekken promised but didn't deliver, despite being over the top funny)
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User Info: Donalp15

3 years ago#3
For me It would be: (ignoring likelihood, just my wanted characters)

1. Ridley
2. Impa (skyward sword version)
3. Mewtwo
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User Info: Trivio

3 years ago#4
A full girl roster would be making this game perfect, as i am a girl gamer but i know Nintendo wont bother, but anyways, my top 3:

1- Wendy Koopa
2- Daisy
3- Birdo

Give me this and i'll buy the game on day 1.
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User Info: MajinTenshinhan

3 years ago#5
1. Palutena (Kid Icarus)
2. Little Mac (Punch-Out!!)
3. Ridley (Metroid)

But there are a lot of characters I'd want. For example, I'd want a Castlevania rep more than anything, but not really requesting one since I don't see it happening.
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User Info: Shurikono

3 years ago#6
1. Mach Rider
2. Takamaru
3. Duck Hunt Dog OR Vaati
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User Info: ThisAnvil

3 years ago#7
Banjo Kazooie
Lanky Kong
Duck Hunt Dog.
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User Info: Skull567890

3 years ago#8

User Info: kalebninja

3 years ago#9
3)wonder red

Aaron from pandoras tower would be my fourth but that game was a bit too dark to get a re

User Info: yoshirulezzz

3 years ago#10
1)Little Mac
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