characters it would be bad to add

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PrinceLandon posted...
Waluigi7 posted...
Daisy. Much smaller fanbase than Waluigi and much more similar to Peach than Waluigi is to Wario or Luigi

Except that everything you just said is quite the opposite. I'd love for you to explain this reasoning.

Actually, it seems correct. Waluigi does often end up decently high on popularity polls in Japan, unlike Daisy. Waluigi's design is a lot more different form Wario and Luigi's than Daisy's is from Peach.

If the argument about similarity is personality... while Wario may cheat when it benefits him, Waluigi cheats because he enjoys it. Wario is crafty, Waluigi is a dullard. Wario is self-loving, Waluigi is self-loathing(outright stated by Martinet to be the mindset he has when he voices him). Waluigi is as different from Wario as Daisy is from Peach, personality-wise.

Luigi and Waluigi has little to no similarity in personality.
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Metal Mario
Honey Queen
Dark Samus (Unless she isn't made into a clone)
Anyone else from the Sonic series
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Not me! Metsatssu!
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Daisy, Waluigi and Tharja.
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Ridley. He may be a stage but not a character. He's too big. He would take up half the screen.
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Anime characters (look at you, goku/naruto etc,), Reggie, the usual...
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Ridley, Owain, Waluigi.
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I mean why not just let in a Waddle Dee, and a Goomba and a Koopa Troppa while where at it? People that recommend these to to fall down a hole.