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Rate my roster /2.6

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1 year ago#1
Toon Link
1989 Toon Link
Hyrule Warriors Link
8-Bit Link
Young Link
Adult Link
CD-i Link
Red Link
Blue Link
Purple Link
Dark Link
16-Bit Link
Elegy of Emptiness Link
Wolf Link
Deku Link
Goron Link
Zora Link
Fierce Deity Link
Train Conductor Link
Bunny Link
Crossbow Link
Link with Bow-wow
Is here to ruin the party
Mighty No. 37862
1 year ago#2
2.6/2.6 for Link with Bow Wow.

Bold choice, but I think it'll work.
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1 year ago#3
No Shadow Link?

10/10. Good choice. A maverick.
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1 year ago#4
no dark link. no buy
1 year ago#5
barrabaCHHS posted...
no dark link. no buy

What are you talking about, he's right there under Purple Link.
Is here to ruin the party
Mighty No. 37862
1 year ago#6
rate MY roster:

Animal kirby Backdrop kirby Beam kirby Beetle kirby Bell kirby Bomb kirby Circus kirby Cupid kirby Cutter kirby Fighter kirby Fire kirby Hammer kirby Ice kirby Jet kirby Laser kirby Leaf kirby Mirror kirby Missile kirby Needle kirby Ninja kirby Parasol kirby Smash kirby Sniper kirby Spark kirby Spear kirby Stone kirby Suplex kirby Sword kirby Throw kirby Tornado kirby UFO kirby Water kirby Wheel kirby Wheelie Rider Whip kiryb Wing kirby Yo-yo kirby
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