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I think there's one roster that would please most everyone.

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2 years ago#81
UberPyro64 posted...
Wolf being replace by Krystal will no satisfy a lot of people.

As will Snake being cut or Pokemon Trainer. Try having no cuts and people will be happy enough.

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2 years ago#82
To start off with, a roster that would most please everyone would have no cuts from brawl. I figure Snake is likely going to be cut like he should, but I still admit a lot of people wouldn't like that.

Next, it shouldn't have newcomers that aren't that well-liked. Krystal and Ghirahim just aren't that popular and don't really have all that much importance either. They're side characters that if you played only the best games in their respective IPs, you might not even know them.
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2 years ago#83
Saying that it would please most people is guaranteed for people to come in and crap all over it, but it Sakurai released this as the final roster people would be tripping over themselves to gush over how much they love it.

I would be happy with this roster, anyway.
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2 years ago#84
>Chrom over Awakening avatar.

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2 years ago#85
>PLease most everyone
>Cuts Wolf

No. You don't just do that to my sexy wolfy.
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2 years ago#86
...five zelda reps...uw0tm8?
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2 years ago#87
Austin_4e posted...
Kcthanagarathos posted...
I think there's one roster that would please most everyone.

Kcthanagarathos posted...
cut characters

Pick one.

He did say most everyone, not everyone. Not everyone is going to be happy no matter what, but cuts would hurt less than not getting newer characters that people want or like.
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2 years ago#88
Ghirahim, Diddy/Dixie tag, Chrom and Wolf cut for Krystal stop this from being a perfect roster.

Also, you got rid of Pokemon Trainer and didn't even add a newcomer, Pokemon is below Mario's and Zelda's rep count.
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2 years ago#89
Nope, you cut characters. And in Wolf's place, replaced by KRYSTAL.
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2 years ago#90
There is no roster that would please everyone.

Some people want no cuts. Some people don't want various characters (Snake seems to be most common) returning.

Some people want Chrom. Some people want Robin. Some people want Lucina. Some people want some combination of those, or a different, fan-favorite-but-not-plot-important character (Owain, Tharja, etc.). Some people want Marth, an Awakening rep, and Ike. Some people just want the first two. But almost no one doesn't want an Awakening rep, so leaving one out isn't an option to please everyone either.

Some newcomers are so polarizing (K. Rool, Palutena, Ghirahim, Mii) that including them will anger just as many people as leaving them out will.

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