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Who is your favorite Mario character?

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2 years ago#1
Simple as that.

Who is your favorite Mario character? Out of ALL of them? No limitations. Just say their name. I will consider every answer.

People are so quick to cite characters as popular or not popular. I'd like to actually compile the board's response so we have an actual, factual answer to the question.

My intention is to max the thread out at 500 posts, compile the answers, and then do a follow-up thread with the results. If this proves successful, I'll branch out to other IPs.

I'll start. Rosalina.

EDIT: Please only vote once. I'll compile the voters as well, and if someone votes more than once, I will only consider your first vote unless you actually express a desire to change your vote.
2 years ago#2
2 years ago#3
No limitations huh?

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2 years ago#4
Favorite games: Star Ocean 3, Star Ocean 4, Fire Emblem: PoR, Tales of Xillia
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2 years ago#5
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2 years ago#6
1 Baby Luigi
2 Wario
3 Yoshi
4 Luigi
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2 years ago#7
Ludwig von Koopa. Before people call me out because he literally is just a boss, I love the SMB3 Cartoons, which I have seen since I was very young and Kooky von Koopa was my favorite character. My first Mario games were the entire Suoer Mario Advance games on GBA plus Superstar Saga, and the Koopa Kids are in 3 of them. But yeah, from my favorite villains my favorite is Ludwig.
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2 years ago#8
Luigi, he has a good heart and he's so silly ;D
2 years ago#9
May the stars shine down on you........
2 years ago#10
Shy Guy.
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