List characters you DON'T want

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There aren't really any characters I explicitly don't want, rather there are those who don't deserve to be in.

this x1000
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- Palutena She is never seen in direct combat.

The Chaos Kin's battle? Where she is being possessed? Then I'm guessing you count Pseudo Palutena's battle too, right?

in that case, we haven't seen Zelda fight either, except for shooting a light arrow or two, and dropping a sword you own doesn't count as fighting.

in melee days, all we really knew is that she sealed ganon using magic, which required a whole team of sages.

so yes, Palutena has more visible combat time, and the abilities she uses are her own, not the chaos kins. pseudo Palutena uses basically the same moves anyway.
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Pac-Man and Bayonetta.
Neither of them are Nintendo characters and neither of them would fit into Smash Bros.

Pac-Man is just a badly design yellow ball. Iconic as his retro art may be, his modern 3D incarnation is not iconic and honestly just looks very tacky.
His moves, from his own games, are also stolen from other video game characters, Sonic for example.... And therefore his possible moveset would also likely just be rehashing of other characters.
His character is not original or well-designed. He's a retro icon and he should remain that way. To include him in Smash Bros would only condone the Capitalization of the 3D abomination he has now become, rather than honoring him as the icon he once was.

Bayonetta simply just does not fit in, period.
She's grotesquely over-sexualized which is not at all fitting to Nintendo or Smash Bros.
She is also gun-focused, and if Snake is any indication than this doesn't fit Nintendo or Smash Bros either.
Her gimmick, her hair transformations, would also not make sense in Smash Bros, or part of Nintendo, because of the fetishist sexualization of the gimmick.

Both of these characters would remove some of the appeal for this game. They would eliminate some of what this game is about... Nintendo characters.

And before you throw in 'HurDur, but Megaman and stuffz'...
Megaman was a key series in Nintendo's success. It was an extremely popular series with spin-offs in every direction, and the majority were all Nintendo-only games. They helped in Nintendo's success.

Sonic is an interesting one because of his unique history with Nintendo, as well. Not because he played a part in their success, but because he is the mascot of one of Nintendo's most historic rivalries. Then, after certain circumstances changed, become a friend of Nintendo... A rivalry turned partnership.
To see elements of both the rivalry and the friendship in a single game is many fans' dream.

Snake... As the majority of us will agree, does not really belong in Smash Bros. He was only introduced as a sign of mutual agreement between the creators of both series. There is no other connection there and Snake even had to be altered (no guns, only explosives) to even appear in the series.
I highly doubt anyone here would be all that surprised if he did not return.

As Sakurai stated.... Third Party characters should be rare exceptions, in reference to Bandai-Namco getting special treatment because of their role in assisting development.

So there we have it....
Explanations for why two 'possible' characters should not be included for any reason.
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Other Star Fox characters
Other F-Zero characters
Other Earthbound/Mother characters
Characters cut from Melee besides Mewtwo
Other Sonic characters besides Dr. Robotnik
Another FE Lord
Other Megaman characters
Baby versions
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God, I hate Tingle
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Where do I start? Uh...

Diddy Kong (sadly, I think he will stay)
Dixie Kong (just a mediocre dupe of Diddy)
K. Rool

Now with those damn DK characters out of the way...

Tingle (Grr....)
Little Ma--oh, oops.
Any more Mario reps for that matter

That's all I can think of at the moment.
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Is Daisy hating a fad now?

Pretty much.

It's kinda pathetic, but whatever. Internet. >_>

I hated Daisy ever since Mario Kart: Double Dash. Stupid Peach recolor, although she was less annoying in Mario Tennis 64.
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