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Tried Making a Roster...

#11ToastyPuddingPosted 2/27/2014 12:03:57 AM
Just for the record, I didn't necessarily want to 'fix' your roster either. Just suggestions or guidelines to which I think would make it more interesting and representative.

Also, RethalWolf, as for deserving-ness, I think it's a somewhat justified argument. It really depends on who and in terms of what, how deserving they really are. Maybe instead of deserving, I should say most justified. Actually, I think I'll use most justified from now on.
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#12Serpdrako(Topic Creator)Posted 2/27/2014 12:04:08 AM
Mirai713 posted...
Could use more Little Mac.

Oh wow, how I nor the other people in this topic didn't see that, I don't know.
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#13ToastyPuddingPosted 2/27/2014 12:09:06 AM
Serpdrako posted...
ToastyPudding posted...
Serpdrako posted...
Alright, fair enough. I just happen to want Roy back personally. Chrom seems likely, and I guess Ike could go, but I don't know. Would Robin (female and male like WFT) suffice to replace one of them? Any other fixes?

If we're being realistic, I guess so. However, if we're choosing based on best representation and uniqueness value, there are so many better options. Tiki, Caeda, Anna are just a few that would be pretty good choices.

As for other fixes, I think Zelda should have a 5th rep. I think the balance between the big 3 is important and should be consistent. As for the rep, I say Impa or Tingle.

The other fix you need is Dark Samus. DS only had relative importance to the Prime series and is pretty much over now (for the time being). I don't think she's a priority even on a 50 roster.

So remove two FE guys for a female character? I see that Anna and Tiki have been in more games than Robin (obviously). However, when I think of Fire Emblem, I don't think of them. Might just be me. Robin is the main character of the most recent game, which is why Ike got in when he did since Radiant Dawn was the most recent (except Shadow Dragon, which was Marth anyway).

Remove Dark Samus for Tingle? I actually had Vaati before because I thought he would represent the "toon" games as a villain, but he hasn't been in a game in a while so yeah. However Tingle had the most importance in Wind Waker, which could represent the "toon" games, even if he isn't a villain. Sounds pretty good.

Well, It's kind of hard to think of Robin from the start because he's just an avatar. I justify Tiki because she is and would represent the Manaketes, one of FE most important and exclusive units. She is also reoccurring and has a lot of mythology related to her. I in no way think it's likely but I think it would be a great overall choice.

As for the Zelda argument, I don't really want Tingle either. I was actually vouching for Impa TBH, I was just trying not to be biased and show of more potential options.
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