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Longest time between character reveals? Are we close to the starting roster?

#1Absolute23Posted 3/21/2014 4:03:57 AM
Diddy was shown on Feb 13. Over a month later there hasn't been a reveal. Is this the biggest gap between reveals?

So far since E3 each month has had a character reveal and so we assume there will be one for March. There is still six update days left this month (March ends next Monday). However, with notable game releases and anniverseries that could easily tie in with a character like Yoshi and Wario being skipped, do you think that we are close to the final starting roster? I figure out of a few exceptions (Luigi, Sonic and Megaman) Sakurai would avoid revealing unlockables like he did for Brawl. If the roster is limited in this game to where it might not be that much larger than Brawl's, eventually he's going to run out of characters to show, especially with no release date confirmed, so reveals would be spread out to avoid hitting the cap early and going months with no reveal until release.

You think we might skip this month for reveals?
#2pokemega32Posted 3/21/2014 4:08:36 AM(edited)
Diddy was revealed on February 21.

There were no characters revealed between August 7 and September 12, between October 1 and November 7, and between November 7 and December 18.

So no, exactly a month without a new reveal is not the longest we've had to wait.
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#3MeepleLardiclePosted 3/21/2014 4:11:44 AM
Especially since the month in question included February, while both August and October were 31 day months.
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#4smashman92Posted 3/21/2014 4:33:19 AM
Sakurai wouldn't break the only consistent pattern that he's established, would he? I think we will get a character reveal next week on Thursday, Friday, or on a Nintendo Direct.
#5SmashBro25Posted 3/21/2014 4:34:58 AM
There are still a handful of starting veterans he can show, including Wario, Yoshi, Meta Knight, and a Mother character, to name a few. I'm sure the starting roster will end up just a bit under 30 characters.
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#6fuzi11Posted 3/21/2014 4:48:39 AM
He is still missing a few essential characters who I think are going to be starters.

Yoshi and Pokemon Trainer and a Mother character are definitely starters.

Wario and Meta Knight could become unlockables.

Captain Falcon, another FE character and Luigi are probably unlockables.
#7MeepleLardiclePosted 3/21/2014 4:59:27 AM
This will probably be another Marth scenario where the reveal is out of nowhere and unexpected, in terms of who and when it is, though the character themselves was expected to return.

So as a random example, if Captain Falcon was revealed Wednesday, it'd be the same case. He ties in with nothing, and comes completely out of nowhere...but everyone expected him to return anyway.
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#8ToastyPuddingPosted 3/21/2014 5:06:22 AM
As I've said a hundred times, I expect Ness because it would be a waste not to tie him in to the Earthbound Wii U website.
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