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wii u version confirmed to have an earlier release in japan
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skotopotomus189/20 5:02PM
What Youtube channel, currently playing Smash, irritates you the most?
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DpadLad189/20 4:56PM
Koopa!!!!!!!!!!!!!mustpostthis19/20 4:54PM
Pokemon custom moves.Vangis60539/20 4:53PM
You see Yoshi eating eggs
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Rosal1naIsBeast159/20 4:53PM
C/D: These are the only third party Trophies we should get.Solar_Crimson39/20 4:51PM
If the CSS arrows and named chr_10_page_1.tex and chr_10_page_2.tex.Triforceformer39/20 4:50PM
Strongest Canon Fighters (Poll)
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themadpatter449/20 4:49PM
Smash gets Falcondorf, Hyrule Warriors gets FabuldorfMushroomMuncher59/20 4:47PM
Would you watch paint dry for 8 hours to have..
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Icedragonadam219/20 4:46PM
Japanese Dark Pit is voiced by a girl....
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ChibiDialga139/20 4:44PM
Looks like the fanbase is going to be even more divided.
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powerclaw1119/20 4:44PM
How much would you pay for a cut Melee character DLC pack?
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QueenLUCiNA149/20 4:43PM
Anyone else interested to see if/how a Mii metagame develops?On_The_Edge89/20 4:42PM
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Chenmaster2119/20 4:40PM
Would you give Lucario a belly rub if he asked?MarioGamer1234589/20 4:39PM
Is there any reason to use Mario > Doctor Mario?TriForceOmelet79/20 4:38PM
The Smash Newcomer CentipedeWolfie_Claws29/20 4:38PM
Captain Falcon kind of looks like Reggie lol
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MordecaiRocks119/20 4:38PM
There is NOTHING wrong with the Koopalings using the Paintbrush/Shadow Mario
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Kooky_von_Koopa119/20 4:37PM