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Fix My Ideal Roster

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2 years ago#41
Cut characters and 3 FE reps. 0/10.
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K. Rool, Dixie Kong, PacMan, Prince Fluff & Duck Hunter for Sm4sh.
2 years ago#42
TerribleFait posted...
Why Ridley a chance to be playable and not K. Rool? 4/10

If you can't read later posts, then your arguments are not valuable
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2 years ago#43
runarraw posted...
you have falco but not roy. what's wrong with you?

Because Roy has lost his chance. I can see Falco going but... He's stuck around. It's hard to get rid of someone who sticks on
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2 years ago#44
ThisAnvil posted...
Cut characters and 3 FE reps. 0/10.

Working inside the limitations I set, there had to be cuts
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2 years ago#45
I need to close this topic. I got some really good feedback though since my roster has changed, not many people will see the new roster
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