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YR: The starting roster is...

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User Info: Opethian5

2 years ago#31
Yes i would love this!!

When i was going to read thr comments i was very surprised cause i thought many people disliked unlocking characters and just want to play right away

User Info: Shiro_Yusuke

2 years ago#32
I can't begin to describe how pleased I am with this. Nothing pleases me more than playing the game and seeing that "Challenger Approaching!!" screen.
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User Info: animal2519

2 years ago#33
I would want the original 12 more

User Info: Raven24

2 years ago#34
Would be awesome and mildly nostalgic (which is good... i think.)
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User Info: SearchBomber

2 years ago#35
But seriously, it would take an absolutely amazing multiplayer game to get me to tolerate 30+ character unlocks, and Smash isn't it.
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User Info: Estheimaster

2 years ago#36
BlueZer0 posted...
if the 3DS version is a game I can play under the covers at night (I'm 24 years old btw)

lol, bedtime will be most of my SSB3DS playtime too (college student).
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User Info: EJW

2 years ago#37
I like it.
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User Info: I_Wanna_Cookie

2 years ago#38
I secretly want this.
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User Info: energyman2289

2 years ago#39
I_Wanna_Cookie posted...
I secretly want this.

Oh noez dude! The secretz out!!

User Info: Metaknighter

2 years ago#40
I would actually like that a lot. Not many to start with but I assume it'd be slightly easier to unlock people.
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