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Your Reaction: We get a stage repping Subspace Emissary

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1 year ago#1
What would you like in it?

I think I'd like some of the original music tracks and Tabuu as a Stage Hazard.

But if it's the Great Maze, hell no.
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(edited by PhantasmShot)
1 year ago#2
My Reaction:
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1 year ago#3
I'd be okay with that.
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1 year ago#4
1 year ago#5
That stadium where you fight that Piranha guy.
Or Tabuu's.
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1 year ago#6
You fight on the broken remains of the Subspace Cannon in the ocean.
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1 year ago#7
A battlefield -style stage with random clips of the movies from SSE playing as the background
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1 year ago#8
Cool! I hope it's that stadium where the action begins (as well as the locale for the "How to Play" demo).
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