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I think this guy knows the roster! (Maybe spoilers)

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User Info: mascot1063

2 years ago#1

Watch at your own risk if you dont want it to be ruined
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User Info: Yoshi2010

2 years ago#2
Saw preview was picture of Danica Patric in SAASRT.

Turned off.
I am British, so I may not get the American talk. Please Understand.
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User Info: jayman7

2 years ago#3
I think that video would have been best coming out a month and a day sooner.
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User Info: Gordaton

2 years ago#4
I thought this little boy was going to be serious. I'm disappointed.

User Info: Kirbside

2 years ago#5
Why be serious when you can be pseudo-serious.
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Looking forward to trying the rest.

User Info: StevenDrkPrince

2 years ago#6
Handy Manny would be OP.
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User Info: Elephants249

2 years ago#7
I think you may be on to something here
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User Info: Crums44

2 years ago#8
I finally get to use this
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User Info: Estheimaster

2 years ago#9
Eh, some parts are kinda amusing, but as Jack Douglas has taught me- "Random =/= Funny."
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User Info: NicoRobin007

2 years ago#10
How did this get four likes?
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  3. I think this guy knows the roster! (Maybe spoilers)

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