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What do you think of my roster?

#11Lightflame(Topic Creator)Posted 5/4/2014 7:15:23 AM(edited)
BenJ09 posted...
You've cut a large amount of the roster. Only 21 characters? Bah!

Sorry, there should have only been 1 character. (Fox)
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#12Port_of_AdiaPosted 5/4/2014 7:32:48 AM
Cut characters and included a third KI rep and ..... Groose? I'm not even going to score this it's that bad.
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#13RethalwolfPosted 5/4/2014 7:48:43 AM

- Captain Falcon - Good
- Ness - Fine
- Jigglypuff - Fine
- Ganondorf - Very Good (especially w/new moveset)
- Ice Climbers - Fine
- Mr. Game and Watch - Fine
- Wario - Fine
- ROB - Eh...
- Meta Knight - Good
- Wolf - Good (especially w/new moveset)
- Mewtwo - Very Good

Ike cut: Terrible
Snake cut: Eh...
Lucas cut: Fine


- Palutena - Very Good
- Hades - Bad
- K Rool - Good
- Ridley - Very Good
- Chrom - Eh... there's better options from his game, both as characters and as fighting units
- Excitebiker - Terrible
- Takamaru - Eh... Fine
- Groose - Good (though they should have gotten rid of Link's bombs and given them to Groose, and Ghirahim would be a better option)
- Shulk - Only Fine if you get rid of all the Eh and below and keep all the Fine and above
- Isaac - Good

There ya go.
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#14Jade_RockPosted 5/4/2014 8:18:47 AM
So Groose>Ghirahim?
Ike Cut
Snake Cut
No Pac-Man?

2/10(You at least got Mewtwo and Shulk).
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