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Top 3 characters you want cut from the roster?

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User Info: mrthecheeseguy

2 years ago#41
1. Rosalina
3. Zero Suit Samus
"Hi I'm mrthecheeseguy and i am so far unimpressed with the current SSB4 roster" 4/26/14 :3

User Info: AirBorneCoffeeT

2 years ago#42
1. Toon Link
2. Jigglypuff
3. Ganondorf (As a clone -- make a new character.)
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-The Skipper (Early B & W episode of Gilligan's Island)

User Info: HerbertMcGee

2 years ago#43
1: Jigglypuff
2: Wolf
3: Mewtwo Again

User Info: Insanylum13

2 years ago#44
2.Toon Link
3.Ice Climbers

Also Meta Knight isn't broken, people just ban it because they are scrubs who got no game.
"Guns don't kill people the government does" -Dale Gribble
#1 supporter of Zero and Neku in Smash

User Info: Lcar7

2 years ago#45
1) How
2) About
3) None

User Info: MajinKogahazan

2 years ago#46
Snake (I like him though)
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User Info: xyzlactic

2 years ago#47

Only ones who deserve to go. Unneeded and just filler. Snake isn't even Nintendo though he did have a nice moveset. PAC man can be his replacement as the third 3rd party.
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User Info: Phrase-of-Eve

2 years ago#48
I really don't want anyone to be cut, but if I had to choose, I'd pick these three.

1. Ivysaur
2. Squirtle
3. Toon Link

I chose Ivysaur and Squirtle because I wanted Pokemon Trainer to return with all three Pokemon or not come back at all. Now that Charizard's sadly back in the game as a solo character, I don't think that Squirtle and Ivysaur are coming back with it. Which is a shame.

I chose Toon Link because, I don't know, I just don't really care for him? When he was announced for Brawl, I just kinda' shrugged. He's just there.
The worst foe lies within the self.

User Info: JoysPerception

2 years ago#49
Fox, Falco and Wolf

User Info: tomario

2 years ago#50
ice climbers
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