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Think of one video character that you hope that they will never be in SSB4.

#17lightsXIIIPosted 5/7/2014 1:03:11 PM(edited)
Now tell us who is this character and why they SHOULD be in SSB4
EDIT: I meant "Video GAME character" in the title. Forgive me.
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#2Alpha_Duck_Posted 5/7/2014 1:00:34 PM
#3Triple12Posted 5/7/2014 1:01:26 PM
I thought of Bubsy.

...I've got nothing.
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#4AngryPidgeonPosted 5/7/2014 1:01:49 PM
I'm assuming you mean video game.

Bubsy the Bobcat should be in Smash Brothers because there aren't enough T-shirt wearing cats in this game. He could glide (if that's just gone for Pit), attack by becoming a ball and use the weapons from Bubsy II!
#5Mr_Snorlax1986Posted 5/7/2014 1:01:55 PM
Pokemon Trainer. He's a veteran of sorts, I guess, and he represents the Trainer part of Pokemon....
I still don't want him/her in Smash Bros., though.
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#6EstheimasterPosted 5/7/2014 1:02:20 PM
Master Chief could create a bridge between Nintendo and the ultimately superior Xbox One.
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#7Yoshi2010Posted 5/7/2014 1:07:36 PM

He is extremely relevant to the Zelda franchise and has a spinoff IP.
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#8BladeManEXEPosted 5/7/2014 1:09:07 PM
Silver (Sonic character). His telekinesis could make for an interesting moveset.
#9ZeroGravity38Posted 5/7/2014 1:09:47 PM
Bayonetta unique moveset.
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#10KingDeadpoolPosted 5/7/2014 1:40:50 PM
no, i will not follow your rules. Tingle should never be in smash as a playable character
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