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Why is Donkey Kong so unattractive?

#11NotSnowskePosted 5/11/2014 2:39:09 PM
Carcasses are ugly. Especially when they kick it like DK did.
#12peppermintsnowPosted 5/11/2014 2:40:07 PM
DK clearly does P90x. That's all I'm going to say...
#13RoyKoopaPosted 5/11/2014 2:42:13 PM
Yo' mama so fat player 2, 3, AND 4 have to play as Scorpion to pull her across the screen!
#14PhantomFoxPosted 5/11/2014 3:19:27 PM
... are you saying we should take our stinkin' paws off that damn dirty ape?
Everyone knows these woods are haunted and full of monsters... right?
#15SharmHedgehogPosted 5/11/2014 3:28:10 PM
"Seriously, Who in the hell is 'Draven?' (Sounds like a draggy crow.)" - David Hayter