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Think of the character you last played as in a video game...

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User Info: DemonicDratini

2 years ago#1
... you will be reincarnated as that character when you die. Your life will play out as it does in their game/games, though any of the blank spots you're free to fill.


User Info: Mikokiri

2 years ago#2
So... Luigi?
Or was it Falco?
or was it Toon link?

Can't remember which character I chose....
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User Info: Doug314

2 years ago#3
Time to flash ult.
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User Info: Eyemeralds

2 years ago#4
So.. I live near a creeper dog that reminiscences of the good ol' years?
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User Info: CanyouGuess

2 years ago#5
Wario? Awesome! I'm super strong, invincible, and will get rich!
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User Info: CMPunkCMPunk

2 years ago#6
Darth Revan. I would probably be light side because being evil makes you ugly in Star Wars.
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User Info: xWazManx

2 years ago#7
I was playing CaveStory so i'm Quote.
Since CaveStory has multiple endings, which path do i take?
Just call me Waz
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User Info: Lolo_Guru

2 years ago#8
I was some random level 1 Mii on Find Mii 2 fighting some enemy with one defense. So my dinky sword plinked and I ran. I also had a few puzzle pieces. <_<

I guess I'd better redouble my work on that formula of immortality, if that's the afterlife I will be stuck as.
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User Info: FreecsZoldyck

2 years ago#9
"The punch is mightier than the sword!"
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User Info: BluntGrunt

2 years ago#10
Oh, damn it. I was this close to being an awesome dog/jackal guy, but oh well. Guess being a Lombax with millions of weapons and gadgets, an awesome wrench that I can fight with, and a robot sidekick wouldn't be that much worse. I'm not gonna complain.
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