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If Chrom were in this game, would he have feet?

#1Mr_YoojPosted 5/12/2014 6:19:25 AM
Legitimate question
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#2ZeroGravity38Posted 5/12/2014 6:19:52 AM
No he would have hands.
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#3ThisAnvilPosted 5/12/2014 6:22:38 AM
His feet would be with the rest of his body. Not on the game.
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#4Flame552Posted 5/12/2014 6:25:15 AM
Mr_Yooj posted...
Legitimate question

They gave Tiki feet in her trophy, so I'd assume they'd give Chrom feet if he was a character.

Though technically, that might just mean humans had evolved in the time between the first game and Awakening to where they no longer have feet, which is why Tiki is the only one with said feet.
#5BenJ09Posted 5/12/2014 6:26:54 AM
Yes but he would have no personality.
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