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C/D: Chrom was confirmed for Smash Bros the moment that Awakening was announced.

#11Eat_CowPosted 5/12/2014 6:04:45 PM
energyman2289 posted...
BiggerRidIey posted...
Chrobby patty is confirmed the moment he is confirmed.

If not, he's not confirmed.
#12SaikyoBroPosted 5/12/2014 6:05:29 PM
Yeah pretty much.
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#13Smurf86Posted 5/12/2014 6:05:41 PM

I know come E3 I'll probably wish I hadn't said that though.
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#14Arne83Posted 5/12/2014 6:05:52 PM

He's pretty likely... but he's not confirmed until he's confirmed.
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#15YomigaeruPosted 5/12/2014 6:06:00 PM
Triforceformer posted...

C. It's like predicting the sun rising in the morning.

D: The sun doesn't rise.
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#16kaliskonigPosted 5/12/2014 6:08:08 PM(edited)
yeah but then he was denied the moment even the developer said Robin was his preferred character in regards to the story in Awakening.
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#17EstheimasterPosted 5/12/2014 6:07:37 PM

He was likely considered, but developers needed to see what his features were before they decided. Plus, IS, the studio that developed FE:A, may have marketed Chrom heavily, but seem to immensely suggest ingame that Robin is the actual main character. When Sakurai goes to companies about their characters, yeah he makes the final choice in the end, but he surely would have gotten the main game makers' opinions.
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#18splashinkarpPosted 5/12/2014 6:08:40 PM
D because we have no idea. For all we know it could just be Marth this time.
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#19MasajubPosted 5/12/2014 6:09:39 PM

If originality is even 1% of what factors into a character's inclusion, Chrom is far from confirmed.
#20NotSnowskePosted 5/12/2014 6:34:52 PM
Chrob 2
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