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If there would be a new DK/LoZ/ character joining the roster...

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  3. If there would be a new DK/LoZ/ character joining the roster...
11 months ago#1
...what character would you like to see?

Also post if there is any other particular character you would like to see (so could be from another series.)
Birdo all the way
11 months ago#2
Captain Toad, Ghirahim, Hades, Mewtwo
I like to go on message boards to complain about games I've never played.
11 months ago#3
Eddie the Mean ol' Yeti. I would prefer Cranky, but it will be Dixie Kong

Vaati should replace Toon Link, Impa should replace Sheik, but in terms of a full newcomer I don't really care.
11 months ago#4
I would like Funky Kong too.
Birdo all the way
11 months ago#5
King K. Rool

Impa (Hyrule Warriors design)
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11 months ago#6
Dixie Kong
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11 months ago#7
11 months ago#8
Bluster the Benevolent/King Harkinian
The official Alfred Chicken of the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Boards!
Think of a fictional character. Foghorn Leghorn would beat them in a fight.
11 months ago#9
Personally I don't care to see a new DK character added. I just don't find any of them interesting.

For LoZ, I think Hyrule Warriors opens up a lot of possibilities. My first choice would be Midna, but since she's already an AT, I think Impa or Fi might be cool. Or, they could use Smash to blatantly promote Hyrule Warriors and include Lana. I'm always in favor of more magic characters.
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(edited by Oblivion9312)
11 months ago#10
Ghirahim, Funky Kong, K. Rool, Dixie.

Also, forgot to add Krystal as a possible fourth Star Fox rep.

As for clones, Shadow Mario and Dark Pit.
An old man once told me: "No old man is to be trusted".
(edited by Too_many_names)
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  2. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
  3. If there would be a new DK/LoZ/ character joining the roster...

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