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How likely is a 60 character roster like this?

#11Camc10(Topic Creator)Posted 7/15/2014 8:40:58 AM
Ridley, Girahim, Black Shadow, and somewhat Krystal and Issac where there just to fill space.
#12ScoutShellbyPosted 7/15/2014 8:41:25 AM
cut Metwo for Dark Pit, then the roster would be AMAZING
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#13MetaknighterPosted 7/15/2014 8:42:09 AM
I'm actually okay with this roster.
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#14Ravio_YoPosted 7/15/2014 8:44:58 AM

needs moar Chibo-Robo
ShacklefordR posted
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#15Suppaman234Posted 7/15/2014 8:47:38 AM
Some questionable and obscure choices but I'd be okay with it.
#16BlulightningPosted 7/15/2014 8:52:14 AM(edited)
Ravio_Yo posted...

needs moar Chibo-Robo


No Chibi, no vote.

Seriously.... How can anyone exclude Chibi-Robo from a 60 character roster? That's just plain ignorance, Itellyouwhat.

Edit: Also, to answer TC's question.... as likely as we are to get invaded by martians today.
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