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Everything there is to know about SSB4 ~ Guide by ShinyMasamuneZ ~ 2014-07-28

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be back tomorrow if need be otherwise I had fun
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Changing this when Golden Sun 4 comes out. Started 11/15/10
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tl;dr please
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Random events may occur during the power-up phase of Smash Run. i.e Bullet Bill swarms may suddenly plague all characters at once!

The final match need not be that normal -- they can be:
Reflect Smashes -- where all projectiles are automatically reflected,

Mushroom Smashes -- where only mushrooms appear to change everyones size at wacky intervals

High-Launch Smashes where even the weakest attack packs great knockback.

A Climb! challenge is also available in which players race to reach the top of an obstacle-filled tower first.

Another endgame of Smash Run involves an item throwing contest -- a competitive Home Run Challenge variant, if you will.

Challenge Rooms also are part of the Smash Run in which players can be greatly rewarded by completing a certain task within a time limit. One such challenge involves breaking a wall of tough crystals.

The bottom screen menu for this mode displays information on How to Play and also allows players to look through a catalogue of their collected powers.

Online Play

The Online modes seem to be vastly improved from the one found in Brawl. However, to maximize enjoyment, it is recommended that a wired connection using the Wii LAN Adapter be used for the Wii U version.

A waiting room featuring a beat-up-able Sandbag is still present for periods pre-online or 3DS local gameplay matches.

Like with Brawl there are two choices for Online play: With Friends and With Anyone. The latter version is also subdivided into “For Glory” and “For Fun” modes. Customized techniques and Miis WILL NOT be allowed when playing with everyone. With Friends, there are no limitations on customization or other rules for the match.
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sorry for the short update I will be back around dusk
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I thought one of the PotD's confirmed Samus has the ability to charge her Charge Beam in midair? I consider that a very important detail.
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It's "pholicious," not "pholiscious." Why does everyone keep getting that wrong?

And congratulations on the sticky (your second one on this board!).

Also, you made some weird mistakes, most likely while transferring text from one place to another. I'll quote a section on the front page:

The outlines will also highlight a player’s color during team multiplayer matches.

Revival platforms now have lights that flash red before they dissipate to let the player know they are about to re-enter the fray.

Footstool hopping appears to remain as a mechanic. Though it is now called a “stepping stone jump”.

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