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User Info: DarkKnightCessi

2 years ago#81
Swiftie_Muggle posted...
i figured out i'm unlockable.

The game's playing itself Jon. The game's just playing itself Jon!!

User Info: PouringLight

2 years ago#82
MegaPidgey posted...
Simcambi posted...
Goddess Rosalina's taunts all better involve hysterical giggling.

Her FS could be growing giant and *stepping on you*.

GR has some much moveset potential.

User Info: Radoree

2 years ago#83
Luigi4President posted...
No Flint /10

Radori is good at pressing buttons! CuddlyDoll is my boo! XBL/NN/PSN Radoric 3DS 3222-5564-7850 SSB4 Mains: Greninja, Kirby, Lucina, Robin and Mii Swordfighter!

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