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So what if this was the roster?

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User Info: UberPyro64

2 years ago#1

No it's not with a bunch of rule 34 picture icons of characters, why would you think that?
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User Info: aliashubbatch

2 years ago#2
Super Smexy Lovers 4 Wii U/3DS
Salty about the idea of Chorus Men in Smash; Enough to recreate the Dead Sea.
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User Info: Adumigan

2 years ago#3
Well then
I love all my bbs

User Info: biohazard151

2 years ago#4
Are all of them pictured in the midst of being molested?
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User Info: OrangeCrush980

2 years ago#5
Where's Sceptile?
Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality

User Info: FrozenFaust

2 years ago#6
OrangeCrush980 posted...
Where's Sceptile?

hahahah yea i wanna see this
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User Info: Killzonegaming

2 years ago#7
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