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did you know

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1 year ago#451
did you know

I knew

now you know
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1 year ago#452
Well as long as you are talking about intruders in Zelda games:

Did you know during the beta testing of Zelda OoT, the developers put in a small Arwing from Star Fox as an enemy to test the game's Z-targeting mode. It was never actually used in the game but was never removed either. It had sound effects, a death animation, and shot green lasers.
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1 year ago#453
did you know that mario and luigi don't have last names even though they are called the mario brothers?

the term for a person known by one name is a "mononymous person"
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1 year ago#454
did you know

A giant R.O.B. appears in the Port Town Aero Dive track in F-Zero GX. And yes, it also appears in Brawl.

now you know
1 year ago#455
Great posts!
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1 year ago#456
did you know

Nintendo actually created a new flower to advertise the first Pikmin game, known as Bacopa Cabana

now you know
1 year ago#457
Did you know

The Game Boy's creator started out as a janitor
1 year ago#458
once this gets to 500 it should be stickied so EVERYONE can know!
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1 year ago#459
did you know

The Star Fox team make cameos in Stunt Race FX, another Super NES game made by Nintendo (and I believe Argonaut Games) made to show off the power of the Super FX chip.

now you know
1 year ago#460
If it goes to 500.. I need to be in somehow..
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