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Mewtwo confirmed? New Pokemon special shocking announcement on August 26

#51HotCrumpetsPosted 8/18/2014 6:16:33 PM
ChibiDialga posted...
Adumigan posted...
Mega riachu

I wish this would happen already.....

It will never happen, if Gamefreak knew how popular pikachu would become Raichu would never exist.
#52SmallerRidleyPosted 8/18/2014 6:24:44 PM
Big_Isaac posted...
the TCG

TCG 3DS got damn.
Surely there's no problem with them putting me in Brawl, right?
It's ****ing satire, damnit. 6 times 3 isn't 200 either!
#53xKrAzYWaYsPosted 8/18/2014 6:26:27 PM
#54MARl0Posted 8/18/2014 6:32:27 PM
Topic creator needs to learn what the word confirmed means.
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#55Magitek111Posted 8/18/2014 6:36:54 PM
Really, though, it's surprising they didn't jump on the bandwagon and make a video game version of the TCG again, since the last time they made a Pokemon TCG video game was..back in the game boy days, and the second one wasn't even localized for some reason.
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#56AarturoScPosted 8/19/2014 8:43:29 AM
The F*** is a "Pokken"?!
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#57YetAnothrShadowPosted 8/19/2014 8:45:59 AM
AarturoSc posted...
The F*** is a "Pokken"?!