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Is this the best roster of Smash newcomers ever?

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User Info: Vyers

2 years ago#1
Rosalina & Luma
Bowser Jr. (with all seven Koopalings as alt costumes)
New DK character
New Pokémon character (or Mewtwo/Pichu/Squirtle/Ivysaur)
Little Mac
Dark Pit
Wii Fit Trainer
Mii Fighters
"Another Series" rep
Duck Hunt
Mega Man

I'd say yes
Couple o' YouTube channels.

User Info: ShoegazerZX

2 years ago#2
The newcomer quality dropped so hard.
My tears are real.
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User Info: inlineshadow

2 years ago#3
Mega Man and Little Mac are the only ones I like. Duck Hunt is pretty awesome, have to see him in action though.
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User Info: Anclation

2 years ago#4
Yes, because Shulk.
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User Info: PlasmaCannon

2 years ago#5
Yes because of Palutena.
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User Info: Master_Radori

2 years ago#6
"New Pokemon Character"

Wait, what?
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User Info: 7656198

2 years ago#7
Id say its pretty darn solid. I'm still upset about those cuts though. This is what DLC is for though.
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User Info: Retroxgamer0

2 years ago#8
its the best roster, but im not happy about ganondorf still using captain falcons modified moveset. thats just lazy!

User Info: RotomGuy3

2 years ago#9
Greninja alone makes it the best.

17 other characters just make it amazing.
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User Info: MisterDrBob

2 years ago#10
I think Sakurai revealed most (if not all) of the good ones first. It's not a terrible roster, but in light of the possible cuts, it's a bummer. If however, we get them through DLC, then yes, I'd say this is perhaps the most complete game in the series.
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